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Shoretel 14.2

ST Hardware and Software Lifecycle. Initial notification of end of support and sales of older voice switch products, ST, pre-ST Voice Switches and. The link you clicked has a new URL. Please go to article/Administration-Guide-ST If you used a bookmark. ST14ShoreTel Version InfoServer- GeneralPremises Phones- GeneralPremises Voice Switch- GeneralPremises Voice SwitchServerPremises Phones.

With the ShoreTel software and VPN Concentrator approaching end of life in June of , below is a list of frequently asked questions about upgrading to. Trademarks. ShoreTel, ShoreTel (and logo), Brilliantly Simple, Brilliantly Simple Communication, ShoreGear, ShorePhone, and ShoreWare are. ShoreTel products are covered by patents as listed at about/ Version Information. ShoreTel Server

ShoreTel. Version Part No. March These release notes provide important information about ShoreTel and the Series IP. Who has upgraded from to Connect recently? How did that go for you? Buggy? Regretting the upgrade? I see goes end of life 7/ In May , Mitel announced an updated timeline for the End of Life of ShoreTel We hope that no one is caught off guard during this transition. If you or. any purpose, without prior written authorization of ShoreTel, Inc. ShoreTel Server ShoreTel Communicator for Windows User Guide.