100 series land cruiser dash removal download

100 series land cruiser dash removal

Had a quick look and cant see how to remove the whole panel to The panel just pulls out, see here piztu.info piztu.info The dash removal i mean .the CB mounting will be a bit more of. There is basic dash removal guide for Toyota Land piztu.info not exactly for Toyota Land Cruiser series but for Toyota Land Cruiser. Remove the instrument panel and reinforcement by performing the following procedure . View the air conditioning line clamp removal tool-Toyota Land Cruiser.

I am removing my dash to replace the heat core does anybody know how many bolts is holding the dash in. Anyone able to give instructions on removing the centre dash section Don't have a series, but do have an 80 and late model Hilux, and. G'day everybody, I've put this exact subject on the series forum also my TD and need some advice on how to remove the dashboard.