Duxa ui download

Duxa ui

If you are interested in nothing but DuxaUI, you can grab the standalone version HERE or HERE. For Duxa's All in One Installer read below. Located on the P99 Forums. Original UI Credit: Duxa/Chrushev v01 Changes = Optional Nemesis or Default_Old (Classic) Spell Gems (Options. Classic UI Version [screenshot]: classiczip (M); DuxaUI [info]: (47K); Leewong's custom UI installer (includes all Leewong UIs) [info] [screenshot].

People that use it, Do you like it more that stock UI? I Had to do a fresh install and now I can't get things to work properly, getting the stupid. so I need someone to help me get the duxa ui (p99) working on TLP phin agnarr etc. The other UI's like vert seem to work but the duxa one that. mqi uiaisXs v pautfisap am 'uopisod jvuinau aqi ui nana sassmu muamj qioq puv [gzl duxa^ □ (paiipuqv lavjisqv) uoii -isod tiuipuaqapis aqi ui siujif Xvu-x.