Sims 2 smoking mod download

Sims 2 smoking mod

Hey Everyone I search now a while for a cigarette mod who still work & is available but cant find one None of the sites are still online. First of all I'm not a smoker myself. Actually I can't even stand the smoke of someone else's cigarette. But I have a simular mod for TS3 and I am. To be honest i don't mind weather or not you can smoke them as It also goes with this posebox: Sims in the Sims2 Graveyard.

Sims 2 Downloads. Searching for 'smoke'. loading Smoke Alarm Light Wood. Jul 29 Moggy Smoke - 2. Jul 19 NK TC49 PMS Kitchen - Smoke Alarm. And it's definitely not something you'll easily find in a Sims Expansion Pack. If you download the cigarette mod and get your Sims hooked on. In Late Night can your sims smoke in the game or is that a cc or a mod that people use, i would like my sims 2 smoke in the game, that would be.

Otherwise I'll unleash the pipe-smoking badger on you. .. There's a CC Hookah in ATS3 site. and there are smoking mods. don't know if the. As for me, I never smoke, but this got me thinking that Tobacco might have a . If an adult player wants this in their game, I am sure you can find a mod for it somewhere, but I would think that EA . 1 cigarette = -1 or -2 sim day.