Hokuto no ken 5 translation download

Hokuto no ken 5 translation

Download hokuto no ken 5 snes english patch Battle Master aka Kyuukyoku no An English fan translation was released in January Translation Description: This is a complete patch for Fist of the North Star AKA Hokuto no Ken for the NES. FlashPV did some more nice graphic. 年1月13日 Help translating Hokuto No Ken/Last Battle (Genesis/Mega Drive) //POINTER # 5 @ $ - STRING #5 @ $C #W24($).

Play Hokuto No Ken 5 Snes English Patch Video Game Roms Online! Hokuto No Ken 5 Snes Hokuto no Ken (english translation) · Hokuto no Ken (english. Hokuto no Ken 5: Tenma Ryūsei Den Ai Zesshō (北斗の拳5 天魔流星伝 哀☆絶章 , Fist of the North Star 5: Legend of Hokuto no Ken 5 features an original storyline, written once again by Hiroshi Toda with plot supervision by . Translation. Game information, description, and download page for Hokuto no Ken 5 - Tenma Ryuuseiden Ai Zetsu Shou (Japan) ROM for Super Nintendo Entertainment.

Today's translation is not one of FotNS's more kickass songs, but it is one of its more Series: Hokuto no Ken 2 (Fist of the North Star 2). As a lot of people here, i'm a huge of fan of Hokuto No Ken and owne all the comics (in french). So for the translation should not be so hard as.