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ActivInspire helps teachers bring lessons to life with rich, powerful activities that grab students' attention. Download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Ubuntu. Click here for information about our latest software, ActivInspire Professional make ActivStudio or ActivPrimary flipcharts .flp) open by default with ActivInspire . ActivInspire provides you with the tools you will need to create flipcharts (think of a flipchart as being an interactive powerpoint) and interact with other digital.

Home > A tour of ActivInspire > Exploring ActivInspire Studio What you see when you first run ActivInspire Studio depends on whether you have ActivInspire . To switch ActivInspire between the Primary look and feel and the Studio Look and Feel. Open ActivInspire; If not visible select View. ActivInspire Studio has a more "grown- up" look and feel; there are more tools and more options. This configuration is ideal for the high school setting. <- Primary.

In Primary, ActivInspire is very user friendly for primary elementary students. The second option is to launch in Studio with tools that are perfect for older students.