Anno 2205 wildwater bay download

Anno 2205 wildwater bay

Blue Byte has announced that the first DLC for Anno is now available, and it's free. Called Wildwater Bay, the DLC features a new. You can help the Anno wiki grow by contributing to it! Included in the DLC of the same name, Wildwater Bay is arguably the best temperate sector in the. I was excited to see that Wildwater Bay is live, and dove right into the new area to see what was available. Holy smokes, this place is huge! I.

Anno is a city building, economic game at its heart and this is more than enhanced with the addition of all the DLC packs. Two of them, Wildwater Bay and . Have you been taking care of dear old Mumsy, our planet Earth, and her dusty baby? In Anno [official site], that is. I mean, have you been. Can Wildwater Bay be a starter location or does it have to be bought off of The only reason I pre-purchased Anno to participate in the.